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DM ID: 82062     Survey Type: Dependent Resurvey     State: Louisiana
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Survey Office: Donaldsonville, Louisiana  
Land Descriptions
Map State-Meridian Twp - Rng Boundaries
LA - Louisiana 004.0S - 010.0E S
Surv. Type Other: ---  
Fractional: No  
Acreage: ---  
Mining District: ---  
Group Nr: ---  
Min. Surv. Index: ---  
Survey Nr: ---  
Counties: Pointe Coupee  
Field Notes:  
Survey Activities  
Activity Type Date Description
Survey Commenced 1/1/1844 Andrew J Crawford (Deputy Surveyor)
Contracts Instr. (LA) 10/28/1842 ---
Plat Information:  
DM ID: 82061  
Duplicate Status: Duplicate  
Supplemental: No  
Survey Based Supplemental: No  
Parent Plat:  
Child Plats:  
Plat Activities  
Activity Type Date Description
Survey Approved 6/17/1858 William J Mcculloh (Surveyor General)
Below are documents matching the following land description from the current document: LA Louisiana Township 004.0S Range 010.0E
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